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We offer a full framing service from the most simple to museum quality conservation framing in our own on site workshops. We have an extensive choice of mouldings and also make our own range of hand made frames. We can use bevelled, antique or plain mirror glass to make up mirrors in any of our mouldings to the size and shape you require.

Hand Made Frames

We have a handmade range of specialist finishes which are bespoke from start to finish. They are classic frames, the designs of which can date back hundreds of years. Your frame begins as a bare simple profile which is built upon stage on stage.

Every frame requires a different approach, for example a swept frame will start with filling and sanding, before the many individually cast decorative pieces are added around the frame. It will then be carved and shaped to the form of the sweeps of the casts along the sides. The holes in the corners are then drilled. The next stage involves layer after layer of primer, gesso and bole before the gilded finish can be applied and sealed. The whole process is too lengthy to go into further detail, but the finished frame will always be special, beautiful and custom made for your artwork.

Personalised Frames

Our range of hand painted frames can be adapted to your artwork and colour scheme. We have a range of different shapes and sizes of frame, as well as a large selection of colours available.We can also adapt to use your paint colour on our frames. These colours and frames can be selected to find the perfect finish and style for your piece. In addition we can hand gild parts of the frame in gold or silver metal leaf. Going alongside the painted frames is our range of distressed ebonised frames which are perfect for when you need a truly period feel.



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