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Ireland, Morden, 1695

Hand coloured copper engraving by Robert Morden, 1695.

A very clear map of Ireland with a decorative cartouche at top left. The map is in excellent condition.

Robert Morden was a bookseller, publisher, geographer and cartographer at the Atlas in Cornhill from 1668 to 1703. The works issued by him include:


  • Description and Use of Large Quadrant...made by Henry Sutton 1669;
  • Introduction to Astronomy etc. 1675 and 1702;
  • Geography Rectified 1680 and later editions;
  • Pocket Book Maps of all the Counties of England and Wales 1680;
  • A Geographical Description of ye Kingdom of Ireland 1635;
  • A Book of Prospects in and about the City of London 1690;
  • Sea Atlas 1699;
  • Atlas Terrestria 1700;
  • New Description and State of England 1701;

He also prepared maps for Gordon's Geography Anatomized 1693 and Gibson's edition of Camdens Britannia 1695, produced many single maps, charts and globes and worked in collaboration with Philip Lea, William Berry and John Overton.

Size: 410 x 345 mm


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