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World, Diego Ribero, 1529

The World in 1529 by Diego Ribero

Published by William Griggs in 1887 For the Colonial and Indian Exhibition.
From the original manuscript map on special loan from His Holiness Pope Leo XIII.

An original antique Chromolithograph Map, one of only 200 copies allowed with special permission from the pope.

Published in London by William Griggs. This very rare piece is in good condition and is a fine example of the few remaining of it’s kind outside of national institutions. The map at the time belonged to The Museum of the “Propaganda” in Rome, but now is housed in The Vatican Apostolic Library.

The map has been described by leading World mapping authority Rodney W. Shirley in his book The mapping of the World 1472-1700 as follows:

“It was primarily on the official manuscript charts of the Spanish Padron Real that Such information was carefully transcribed. One of the most notable of their cartographers, the Portuguese Diego Ribero, has left three world maps: one of 1527 and two of 1529. They have been deservedly called the most beautiful examples of map-making art, and their influence at several stages removed can be seen in the world maps a decade or more later by Mercator, Vopell and Gastaldi.”

The book features a half page illustration of the Griggs map and the inset description is as follows:

“An exceptional example of Spanish Chart-making. Ribero’s map, a beautiful manuscript one, has been called the finest exemplification of the map-maker’s art.”

This map is truly as beautiful as informative, with stunning compass roses, galleons, and creatures set in their continents. The figures of the four winds blow from the corners and banners proclaim, and in some sense lay claim to the worlds seas and oceans.

The map pre-dates Mercator’s projection and stretches and flattens the earth out before the viewer. The familiar continents are almost all present but are twisted and contorted, most notably around India and Siam. The unfinished western coastline of North & South America and the hint of Chinese costs offer the tantalising prospects of further trade with the far east. Remember that this map was created less than seven years after Magellan first circumnavigated the earth.

Size: 575 x 1400 mm

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