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Orchid Album 04, Fitch, c 1882

Set of six antique Chromolithographic Orchids.

From 'The Orchid Album'.
Published by B. S. Williams, London
Illustrated by John Nugent Fitch
Date: c1882

Including 'Oncidium Gardneri, Cattleya Velutina, Vanda Parishii, Odontoglossum Brevifolium, Anguloa Ruckerii Sanguinea & Cattleya Gattata Leopoldii.'

Framed in our own on site workshop.
As seen in a hand painted purple frame with a metal gold gilded edge.
In a silk mount embellished with a gold coloured rope slip.

N B. We provide an extensive range of mouldings so please contact us for alternative framing options.

Size: 450 x 470 mm

Depth: 15 mm

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