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Holland House, The Ancient Parlour, 1838

An original antique stone lithograph based on the work of John Thorpe (fl. 1570-1618). Published in Charles James Richardson's 'Architectural Remains of the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I' in 1838. Engraved by Day and Haghe from sketches by Richardson. Stone lithography is the ideal medium for such work, as the fine detail captures the impression of the artist's pencil sketch. The intention of Richardson's publication was to present 'a full, correct, and comprehensive collection' of the more valuable examples of Elizabethan and Jacobean architecture, as opposed to those 'deficient in unity and simplicity of character'. The idea for the publication was suggested by the many 'curious and original drawings' by John Thorpe to be found in Sir John Soane's Museum. John Thorpe was a prominent architect of the period. As Richardson puts it, 'there were few celebrated houses then erecting in which Thorpe was not engaged'.

This engraving shows the Ancient Parlour at Holland House, Kensington, which was built by John Thorpe, circa 1606, for Sir Walter Cope. It afterwards came into the possession of Henry Rich, Earl of Holland, his son-in-law. The ornamental borders surrounding the design are selected from among an ample collection of friezes and ornaments characteristic of the style.

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